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AlgoAmmatti – Algorithmic management and professional growth in platform economy

AlgoAmmatti-project explores the notion of algorithmic management, specifically AI-driven task allocation and control mechanisms in platform economy and the implications of these practices on platform workers day-to-day experience and professional growth.

Digital labour platforms facilitate new ways of working, managing work, and developing one’s career and professional competencies. Proponents of platform economy emphasise platform workers freedom to choose where, how, and how much work is done. Critics note that this freedom comes at a cost: uncertainty about the continuity of work, the legal status of platform workers, the use artificial intelligence (AI) to allocate and manage work tasks without full transparency of the underlying logic of the algorithm’s decision-making.

The project is conducted with service design through a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods. The aim of the project is to:

  • explore the practices of algorithmic management in different digital labour platforms,
  • study the implications of algorithmic management from the viewpoint of platform workers and
  • develop a worker-centred model for algorithmic management and professional growth in platform economy.

AlgoAmmatti – Algorithmic management and professional growth in platform economy

Project manager: Dr. Aarni Tuomi
Duration: 3/2022-12/2023
Funding: The Finnish Work Environment Fund

Senior Lecturer
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Mário Passos
principal lecturer
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