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In a bachelor's degree, the language of school education affects the language of communication studies included in the degree, the studies of the second national language, the language of the maturity test and the language clause recorded in the diploma (so-called official Swedish or Finnish). In the UAS Master’s degree, the language of school education only affects the language of the maturity test.

My language of school education and its effects on my studies

The language of the maturity test is determined by the student's language of school education:

Language of Education UAS Education in Finnish UAS Education in English
Finnish Finnish Finnish
Swedish Swedish Swedish
Other language Finnish English

The language of school education (A481/2003, section 20, in Finnish) means the language (Finnish or Swedish) for which the student has received an approved grade as a mother tongue when completing Finnish basic education syllabus and/or Finnish upper secondary syllabus in accordance with the Finnish Basic Education Act or the Finnish Upper Secondary Act. 

However, if a student has completed the matriculation examination in a language other than the language of education referred to above, the language of education is considered to be the language (Finnish or Swedish) in which he/she completed the mother tongue studies in the matriculation examination or received the grade magna cum laude approbatur or higher in the Finnish or Swedish as a second language examination.

In practice: if a student has not passed the mother tongue curriculum in accordance with Finnish basic education and upper secondary school legislation, but he/she has obtained at least a magna cum laude approbatur grade in Finnish or Swedish as a second language, the student's language of education is considered to be the language of the above mentioned second language examination.

For more information about the maturity test:

  • The language of school education determines the language in which the student studies his/her mother tongue and the second national language
  • If the language of education is Finnish or Swedish, the maturity test must be written in the language of education, regardless of the language of instruction of the degree program.
  • When the language of education is Finnish or Swedish and the maturity test is written in the same language, a language clause in the diploma can be used to prove the language skills required of public sector staff (so called official Swedish or Finnish).

Note! A bachelor’s degree does not actually include mother tongue studies but a variety of communication studies in that language:

1. Finnish as a language of school education means communication studies in Finnish, a maturity test in Finnish and Swedish studies as a second national language (unless there is a reason for exemption from the latter).

2. If the language of education is Swedish, communication studies will be completed in Finnish, but they will take the form of a demonstration of proficiency in the second national language. Swedish language studies are also completed via a demonstration of proficiency and the maturity test will be written in Swedish.

3. If both Finnish and Swedish can be considered as languages of education (rare), one of the previous options shall be chosen, but the options must not be mixed.

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