Wellness Specialist Rosa Weckman offers support for Haaga-Helia students

Rosa Weckman is Haaga-Helia's wellness specialist helping students cope.

Haaga-Helian hyvinvointiasiantuntija Rosa Weckman hymyilee kameralle kahvikuppi kädessä.
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Rosa Weckman provides support to students who need it for their daily lives and studies, seeks out students who have fallen out of their studies, and helps those who need help to achieve their goals.

The key question is: how are you?

What is your approach to well-being?

– Everyone is an individual. I always ask "how are you doing?" when I meet someone seeking for help.

Weckman emphasizes that well-being is a diverse concept, and the same tips or life management advice don't work the same for everyone. Encountering everyone individually is an important starting point for Weckman. Someone needs help and advice, another one wants to talk, third needs a listener.

It's important that everyone feels safe.

– In everything that I do, I strive to ensure that everyone, regardless of background and starting point, feels good and safe. It is the starting point for all help and encounter.

Be in touch when you feel like it

If you're not feeling quite well, you don’t have to be alone with those feelings. You can contact Weckman no matter how big or small your concern is by texting her on WhatsApp, emailing, or giving her a call. An appointment will be arranged when you first contact her. You won't be tied to anything – you can meet only once or several times.

Weckman also helps students who need support to complete their thesis and brings them together for peer support.

You can also Weckman challenge for things that are not yet in her job description. Even if you are in in a crossroad, thinking "does my issue belong to a wellness specialist?", you can get in touch. Weckman will help and steer you forward when needed.

Rosa Weckman

046 9234044

Rosa Weckman's job description has been tailored as part of Haaga-Helia's VOIMA- and HALI projects, which focus on students' well-being.