FAIR: Beyond the Human Eye - AI's Groundbreaking Role in Medical Image Recognition

AI's ability to process massive amounts of data offers the health technology sector unprecedented opportunities to serve patients and even save lives.

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The Finnish AI Region, also known as FAIR EDIH, has advanced to a stage where FAIR's experts now serve nearly sixty companies. Among the adept customer managers at FAIR is Elisa Laatikainen, a project specialist at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, who has been involved since the beginning of the project.

Laatikainen's responsibilities include overseeing the development of AIATELLA, an artificial intelligence-based solution for analyzing CT, MRI, and ultrasound images related to cardiovascular diseases. AIATELLA stands as a pioneer in its field, developing software solutions with an extensive dataset that facilitates the identification of cardiovascular diseases and reporting potential abnormalities.

Notably, the AIATELLAs software has already undergone successful testing in collaboration with the esteemed British National Health Service (NHS). Medical imaging holds a crucial role in healthcare, being a daily tool for doctors and radiologists worldwide to save lives.

"One of the most crucial elements of the healthcare sector is medical imaging. Doctors and Radiologists worldwide utilize imaging such as Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), and Ultrasound daily to collect vital information about their patients, enabling them to make correct diagnoses and treatment plans in critical situations", says Laatikainen.

Redefining Radiology

Laatikainen highlights that while images obtained through medical imaging offer valuable insights, they also present distinct challenges. A single image file may comprise hundreds of individual images, each containing critical health information subtly expressed in various shades of gray. The interpretation of such images demands a high level of expertise, and the meticulous processing and analysis involved contribute to prolonged waiting times.

Complicating matters further is the rapid increase in the prevalence of conditions like cardiovascular diseases, diagnosed through medical imaging, as per statistical trends. Consequently, attention is progressively shifting towards innovative alternative solutions and the myriad possibilities emerging from the artificial intelligence revolution.

AIATELLA's artificial intelligence holds the potential to revolutionize healthcare, akin to the transformative impact of computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging technologies in previous decades. The remarkable capacity of AI to process vast datasets streamlines patient care. For instance, the processing of images generated through medical imaging can be accomplished in a fraction of the time it would take for the human eye to scrutinize them.

AI can enhance the work of doctors and radiologists in detecting medical anomalies. This not only expedites the formulation of crucial diagnoses and the initiation of treatment on an individual basis but also accelerates overall healthcare processes, reducing congestion as patients can be served more promptly.

In the visionary goals of AIATELLA, their software transcends mere disease identification, delving into analysis and measurement. This provides doctors with essential information for swift and precise diagnoses. AIATELLA's mission is to empower doctors to deliver even more accurate medical care to their patients. This ambitious goal is achievable as the efficiency and precision of medical imaging advance with the support of artificial intelligence.

However, the utilization of artificial intelligence in healthcare also brings inherent challenges that must be surmounted to ensure the safety and reliability of products. When discussing health technology integrating AI, it becomes evident that developing algorithms necessitates exceptional precision, and the AI systems employed must undergo extensive training on vast datasets for validation in medical applications.

FAIR supports companies in their needs

FAIR, backed by funding from the European Union, Business Finland, and the Helsinki Innovation Fund, offers a comprehensive array of world-class services to businesses, providing crucial support throughout their development journey. The FAIR service portfolio encompasses various offerings, including assistance with data collection and algorithms, brainstorming for business development, state-of-the-art computing capabilities, and diverse testing platforms.

According to AIATELLA, the collaboration with FAIR has proven instrumental in accessing valuable resources beyond its in-house development team. AIATELLA's CEO Jack Parker underscores the timely nature of this collaboration, facilitating the optimization of AIATELLA's development efforts. This, in turn, enables the rapid harnessing of the benefits brought by artificial intelligence for patient use and lifesaving.

According to Laatikainen, despite FAIR boasting an expansive network and a resource pool featuring over 60 experts with their teams, its ability to discern the most effective and tailored solutions for each company is pivotal to its operational success. She emphasizes FAIR's commitment to a personalized approach, offering tailored support to each company based on their unique and current requirements.

"We tailor our expertise to each company's specific situation, ensuring they have the precise development tools needed to meet their unique requirements. Our approach is grounded in a novel and more comprehensive needs analysis, resulting in individually crafted support plans and services for each company," she elaborates.

Laatikainen is optimistic about companies like AIATELLA leading the charge in transformative initiatives. FAIR takes immense pride in the support extended through its network of ten different organizations, a collaborative effort that has proven beneficial for pioneers across diverse fields, including AIATELLA.

More information

FAIR extends businesses a user-friendly gateway to expertise in artificial intelligence, augmented reality, high-performance computing, and cybersecurity. Operating as a provider of complimentary services, FAIR stands as a genuinely valuable partner to expedite and broaden the integration of artificial intelligence within small and medium-sized enterprises.

Comprising a collaborative network of ten partner organizations, FAIR draws on the collective capabilities of entities such as the cities of Helsinki, Espoo, and Vantaa, Aalto University, the University of Helsinki, Haaga-Helia and Metropolia Universities of Applied Sciences, KIRA InnoHub, the IT Center for Science (CSC), and the European Innovation and Technology Institute EIT Digital.

Enter Espoo serves as FAIR's affiliate partner, while other key collaborators encompass ABB, Arcada University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District (HUS), Microsoft, Siemens Healthineers Varian Finland, and Uusimaa Regional Council. 

The initiative secures financial backing from the European Union in partnership with Business Finland and the Helsinki Innovation Fund. You can access Laatikainen's full blog post through this link. For in-depth details about FAIR and its complementary services, please visit: https://www.fairedih.fi/


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