92% of graduates content with their degree from Haaga-Helia

Universities of applied sciences carry out an annual career monitoring survey, which collects information on the employment of those who graduated five years ago, their overall career path, and their satisfaction with their career and degree. Approximately 92% of the career monitoring survey respondents rated positively the degree they obtained five years ago. Haaga-Helia would like to thank every alumni who responded!

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The national career monitoring survey, which was open for a month, ended on 12th October. This year, the survey was sent to more than two thousand 2018 graduates from Haaga-Helia and to approximately 27 000 UAS alumni nationwide. A total of 885 Haaga-Helia alumni responded to the survey, with a response rate reaching 42.8%.

Graduates find employment in a wide range of jobs

According to the responses to the career monitoring survey, Haaga-Helia graduates are happy with their careers after graduation. Around 92% of respondents rated their degree positively (21% very satisfied, 41% satisfied, 25% slightly satisfied). 78% of respondents agreed that employers value a degree from Haaga-Helia and 80% agreed that the degree provides a good foundation for professional life.

The Haaga-Helia degree has resulted in good employment, with 81% of graduates currently in full-time employment. Five years after graduation, the majority of our alumni are working in planning, development and/or administration (17%); marketing, sales and/or purchasing (16%); and management and supervisory positions (14%).

In their current job, the most important competences are considered to be the ability to work independently and manage time; self-initiative and self-direction; and communication and negotiation skills. Respondents recommend current students acquire skills such as data analysis, IT skills, especially Excel, project management, interpersonal skills, and leadership skills for their future careers.

Many respondents are thinking about obtaining a Master's degree. Some respondents feel that a Master's degree from UAS or university is useful, especially for their career progression after Bachelor studies.

Active dialogue with alumni is valuable

President Minna Hiillos ( acting President until 30.11.2023) says that active dialogue with alumni is very important for Haaga-Helia. She would like to thank every Haagahelian alumni who responded to the survey.

– Active communication and exchange with our alumni network is important! Thank you to each of our alumni for taking the time to respond to this important career monitoring survey. The feedback will help us to learn more about the careers our education has prepared the graduates for, as well as provide valuable feedback for the development of our education, says Hiillos.

The next career monitoring survey will be sent to alumni who graduated in 2019 and it will take place in autumn 2024, while alumni who graduated two years ago will receive their own alumni survey in spring 2024.

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