Elina El Amrani

Elina El Amrani

asiantuntija, alumnisuhteet
Specialist, Alumni Relations
+358 294471077

Education: Master of Education (M.Ed.)

Areas of Expertise: Stakeholder Relations and Communication, Concept Development and Event Production, Mentoring

Elina El Amrani has been building her career in education and training concepts for more than 20 years. At Haaga-Helia, she is responsible for alumni activities and their development.

El Amrani's responsibilities include strengthening the alumni community and maintaining networks, alumni events, multi-channel communication and information about further education opportunities. She’s also responsible for Haaga-Helia's mentoring programme, where alumni act as mentors for students to discover their potential and get on the career path of their dreams.

El Amrani is also involved in an alumni survey for two-year graduates and a national career monitoring survey for five-year graduates.