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Markus Veikkolainen is an entrepreneur at Hiisi Homes that provides homes for temporary needs. Markus, a Bachelor of Hospitality Management from Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, rocketed to his career straight from the school bench, and has since enhanced his skills in Haaga-Helia’s postgraduate studies.

Markus Veikkolainen
Alumni Testimonials

Veikkolainen recommends the degree in hospitality, tourism and experience management to anyone interested in traveling, good food and experiences. 
Experience business is growing and flourishing. Immaterial services in travel, hospitality and restaurant business are trending now and in the future, as people seek alternatives for traditional consuming. 
The habits in housing are changing as well. Markus Veikkolainen and his two family members run a ten-person company Hiisi Homes that provides cozy apartments for temporary needs. One can accommodate a Hiisi home for two days or several months. 

— Our goal is to be the second-largest company in the business by the end of 2020, says Veikkolainen. 

Digitalization plays its big part on the evolution of service businesses. Hiisi Homes is no exception: doors to Hiisi apartments are opened by entering a code on a smartphone and knocking on the door a few times (that’s really the case). It truly does feel like home! 

Education of practice and theory 

Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management is what opened the doors for Veikkolainen to the center of changing traveling business.
— The studies were a fluent mixture of theory and practice. The best bit was that teachers were real pros in their own fields, Veikkolainen says. 

Veikkolainen studied in the Finnish programme, but there are also international possibilities for all students at Haaga campus. The degree programme offered in English is Hospitality, Tourism and Experience Management.

Closeness to business life is one of Haaga-Helia’s main assets. Several projects are carried out in collaboration with real companies. Veikkolainen learnt valuable lessons of “field work” at his many internships, understanding the practical mechanics of travel, restaurant and experience business.  
Haaga-Helia’s Haaga campus, the place where all the learning magic happens, is famous for its team spirit. Veikkolainen sees that “the Haaga background” is a respected and well-known asset in working life. 

— When I applied, I had the impression that Haaga-Helia is Finland’s most valued school in the travel and restaurant industries, and that impression hasn’t changed, says Veikkolainen, who to this point has spent several years working as an entrepreneur. Veikkolainen’s school friends are working in restaurant management, managerial tasks, sales & marketing and in many sorts of businesses of their own. 

Bachelor of unforgettable memories 

Ideas are without borders. Same goes for career possibilities of Haaga-Helia Bachelors.  
— Hospitality, tourism and experience management is per se very international, so the working opportunities cover pretty much the whole world. Students may customize their studies to support their strengths and passion points. For example, in the form of language courses or exchange studying, says Veikkolainen. 

Studying doesn’t have to stop at the Bachelor’s Degree. Veikkolainen, for instance, worked for two years after graduating before participating in advanced special studies in digital travel management at Haaga-Helia. He will soon have a Master’s degree under his belt as well. 

Studying hospitality, tourism and experience management at Haaga-Helia creates a sturdy base for the thrilling world of travel, food and beverages. To whom does Veikkolainen recommend the studies? 

To everyone who is interested in traveling, good food and drinks, he winks. When you have learnt the basic skills, you can craft a career path just for yourself.  
— Basically you can choose whether you want to be at the service side to make the memorable experiences come true, or at the back office making them possible. 

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