Teemu Kokko

Teemu Kokko

President, CEO
+358 294471900

Education: Doctor of Science (Economics and Business Administration)

President Teemu Kokko leads and develops the operation of the Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. He is responsible for the economy of the company and solve the matters concerning the administration inside the Haaga-Helia if it is not determined otherwise in the act, decree or rule.

Kokko has functioned earlier as a deputy president of Haaga-Helia and as a Director of Business Programmes. He is the actual member of the board of Global Education Services Ltd, Haaga-Helia’s, affiliated company.

He has taken the Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration's, licentiate's and doctor's degrees in Svenska Handelshögskolan in Helsinki. He has completed his teacher training in Helsinki Business College. He is also the docent of the marketing in the University of Helsinki.

Earlier, the years 2004 - 2006, Kokko has served as a deputy president in Haaga Institute of Applied Sciences. During the years 1986 - 2003 he acted as the senior teacher in Haaga Institute spending two longer periods abroad: 1992 - 1995 In Moscow and 2001 - 2004 in Budapest. During his foreign countries periods, he worked in marketing tasks in the Savoy hotel Moscow and as a buyer of International Science and Technology Centre in Moscow and as an assistant professor in the Budapest office of Hertfordshire University.