Degree Programme in International Business, BBA


The International Business programme offers a great base for those wanting to build a career in global business. Students will acquire both generic and specialized skills needed in expert and managerial positions as well as entrepreneurs.

The core studies provide a comprehensive introduction to business operations in an international setting such as marketing and sales, accounting and finance, human resource management, international trade, project management, supply chain management, data analysis, business law and economics.

The specialisation major and minor studies offered are:

  • Customer Relationship Management and Communication
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Supply Chain Management

The specialisation studies (50 ECTS) can consist of 30–50 ECTS credits of major and 0–20 cr of minor studies. Additionally, the final thesis is written in the area of the major. The minor studies can be a combination of many specialisations. Some of the courses are offered as evening or virtual studies. The major studies begin in semester 3 or 4 and the offering depends on the students’ choices, typically 3–4 of the majors will be offered each autumn and spring semester.

Language and communication studies (25 cr) support the growth to an efficient communicator and networker. The students’ intercultural teamwork skills are developed with a variety of learning approaches, for example, project works together with companies and PBL (problem and project-based learning). Career plans with service and sales orientation are strongly supported. All students are encouraged to include an exchange semester or work placement abroad in their degree; this is compulsory for Finnish students.


Blended learning, August 2022 intake

Additional application for blended learning 8 June to 13 July 3 PM Finnish time

  • Two part entrance examination: first an online written examination 4 August and online interviews for applicants who passed the first examination on 10th to 11th August.
  • Application form will be published on
  • More information can be found here.

Application period from 5 to 19 January 2022 at 15.00 (UTC/GMT +2).

  • Entrance examination 5 April 2022 in Helsinki, Finland
  • Information on applying and application form in
  • More information about the entrance examination will be published here.

Full-time studies, January 2023 intake

Joint application to higher education, autumn application 2022

Application period from 31 August to 14 September 2022 at 15.00 (UTC/GMT +3).

  • Information on applying and application form in
  • More information about the entrance examination will be published later here.

Application with SAT scores, autumn application 2022

Application period with SAT scores from 1 June - 30 September 2022 at 15.00 (UTC/GMT +3)

Full-time studies, August 2022 intake

Joint application to higher education, spring application 2022

Application period from 5 to 19 January 2022 at 15.00 (UTC/GMT +2).

Application with SAT scores, spring application 2022

Application period with SAT scores from 20 January - 31 May 2022 at 15.00 (UTC/GMT +3)

Bachelor of Business Administration (tradenomi)

Scope of the Programme: 210 ECTS credits

Degree programme: International Business

Campus: Pasila

Mode of Study: Day-time studies and evening studies

Ota yhteyttä
+358 400 230 409

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