Tuition Fees and Scholarships


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Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences will charge a tuition fee from a student accepted to a degree programme taught in English. EU/EEA area and Swiss citizens are not subject to the charge. The tuition fee includes teaching and access to the learning facilities and the student Library. As a student at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences you have access to Student Services and ICT services will also be at your disposal to support your studies.

The tuition fees from 1 January 2022 are:

  • EUR 9,500.00 per academic year for Bachelor´s programmes, and
  • EUR 10,500.00 per academic year for Master's degree programme

 The updated fees will apply to new degree students starting their studies from 1 January 2022 onwards.

Please note that housing costs, meal plans or health insurance are not included in the tuition fee. So, make sure you have enough financial means to pay your rent, personal expenses, transportation costs, meals, insurance etc.

Finnish immigration service requires that you have at least EUR 560 at your disposal every month to be able to pay for your accommodation, food and other needs. So, in addition to the tuition fee, you must have EUR 6,720 to be able to study in Finland for a year and to get a residence permit in Finland. More information about the income requirement for students is available on the Finnish immigration service's website.

Information regarding tuition fees for existing students

A student should be prepared to pay half of the annual tuition fee before enrolling for attendance for the next academic semester. The tuition fee payments for spring semester are due in November, and the tuition fee payments for autumn semester are due in April.

In case a student cannot pay the required amount of the tuition fee for the semester in one payment due to restrictions in bank transfer system, the tuition fee can be paid in installments. However, the required amount of the tuition fee must be paid by the given deadline. In this case, please contact your Study Advisor.

Students who are required to pay the tuition fee will receive instructions from Study Services via email.

Who does not have to pay the fee?

Scholarship system at Haaga-Helia

Spring application 2023

Students accepted through the joint or Rolling application must accept the study place in Studyinfo and pay the tuition fee for the first semester by 14 July 2023 at 15:00 Finnish time (GMT/UTC+3) at the latest. You cannot enroll for the academic year 2023-2024 before the full tuition fee is paid and all the documents are submitted to the Admission Services.

Early Bird discount for August 2023 intake 

An applicant who accepts the offered study place within 14 days and pays the tuition fee for the first semester within 30 days of receiving the acceptance notification, will be given an Early Bird discount. The Early Bird discount is a 50% reduction of the first semester’s tuition fee. The acceptance email from Haaga-Helia will include detailed instructions for payment. The early bird discount only applies if an applicant is accepted by 19 June 2023*. If the applicant has been accepted to Haaga-Helia from 20 June 2023 onwards, they have to pay the full tuition fee for the autumn semester 2023. 

The discount applies to the Joint application period and the Rolling application period.