Student exchange as a free mover


Lead paragraph

If you are interested in studying in a university that is not Haaga-Helia's partner university, you can apply for a free mover exchange abroad for one semester.

Free mover exchange in a nutshell 

  • If you go on an exchange as a free mover student, you are fully responsible for all the practical arrangements and costs related to the exchange. 
  • The receiving institution decides whether you are eligible to apply. Please note that all institutions do not accept free mover students! 
  • As a free mover student, you must choose and complete courses, which can be transferred into your degree at Haaga-Helia. 
  • Every free mover exchange applicant requires an approval from the International Affairs Specialist of the applicant's degree programme, before applying to the host institution. 
  • Check the suitability of your study plan in advance with the International Affairs Specialist 

Selection criteria 

  • Basic studies (compulsory 60 credits) have to be completed before you start your studies at the host institution. 
  • Your studies should proceed as planned 
  • Fitting study plan. The studies abroad can and will be fully accepted as a part of your degree at the Haaga-Helia. 
  • Requirements set by your degree programme, e.g. timing and duration of exchange 


  • Your host institution must be a university or a university of applied sciences. 
  • The level of tuition and the standard of your intended host institution must be good. 
  • The period abroad must last 3-6 months 
  • All the changes to your study plan are to be discussed with your International Affairs Specialist 

Application instructions 

When looking for a suitable host institution, check; 

  • Does the host institution accept free mover students and, if yes, which application documents do you must submit. 
  • Host institution's deadline for applying. 
  • The language of tuition. 
  • Information about possible tuition fees. 
  • Find reliable information on the standard of tuition and on the level of support services at the host institution. 

Please note! You should reserve at least 6 months for preparations. 

Contact your International Affairs Specialist

  1. Provide a description of the host institution and descriptions of the courses you plan to take
  2. Discuss and confirm your tentative study plan before applying

Start the application process

After your International Affairs Specialist accepts your free mover exchange and study plan, you can start applying to your host institution. Make sure to submit the application according to instructions.

Apply for grant in the MoveOn portal

As a Haaga-Helia's degree student you can apply for a free mover travel grant with the Outgoing Freemover Grant Application after being accepted by your host institution.


  • Nordic and Baltic countries: 150 euros /exchange
  • Other European countries and Russia: 300 euros /exchange
  • Rest of the world: 500 euros/ exchange

General requirements to get the grant:

  • The length of your study abroad period needs to be 3-6 months
  • The grant will not be granted or paid afterward
  • You can get the free mover grant only once

If you are normally eligible for student financial aid from Kela you are eligible for student's financial aid during the free mover exchange.

Necessary documents for the online application:

After your exchange

Once you have completed your exchange and received your official transcript of records, you have to fill in a Student Exchange Travel Report and After Mobility Form before your credits can be transferred.

If you do not submit the student exchange report or exchange documents, your grant is claimed back. 

Exceptional situations 

If you need to cancel or interrupt your free mover exchange, please inform your International Affairs Specialist immediately. If you end your exchange or if you return without any completed credits, you must return your grant.