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Kuvituskuva liiketalouden ammattilaiset

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​​​​If a long-term student exchange abroad is not suitable for your, attending a summer school, winter school or other short course abroad might just be what you are looking for! Short courses normally last for 1-8 weeks.

The course should be suitable for your studies and accepted as part of your degree at Haaga-Helia. The credit amount of the courses varies according to the length and extent of the course.

You can find out about virtual short courses on the Virtual Exchange page.

You are able to have financial support for the short courses. There are two types of grants available:

  • Erasmus+ grant if you participate in a short course that includes a compulsory virtual component and the exchange takes place at Haaga-Helia's Erasmus + Partner University.
  • Haaga-Helia travel grant if you participate in a short course that does not include a virtual component but takes place at a partner university or if you participate in a course organized by a partner university other than Haaga-Helia.

How to Apply

Submit the application well before the application deadline to your host institution! 

  1. After you have found an interesting short course report it to an international affairs specialist of your degree programme.
  2. Once your short study course abroad has been approved by your international affairs specialist, apply to your host institution by the given deadline.
  3. You can then apply for the Short Stay grant with the Outgoing short stay application. NOTE! Grant should applied well in advance before the short mobility starts!
  4. Mark the courses you wish to take into a Learning Agreement form and attach it to the online application signed by all parties.
    • Use the Erasmus + Learning Agreement template when applying for an Erasmus + grant
  • Use the Bilateral Learning Agreement template when applying for a Haaga-Helia travel grant
  1. After you have submitted the online application, inform grant(a)

Grant payment schedule

The grant must be applied for well in advance of the start of the intensive course or short-term mobility.

Please note: that it may take approximately a month to process all required documents and confirm your grant payment.

Grants are paid on the 15th of each month. For example, to receive a grant on October 15, you must apply for the grant before September 25. (excluding summer)


Erasmus+ Short Mobility Grant

Erasmus+ short mobility grant is available for students;

  • Registered as degree students at Haaga-Helia
  • Who complete their short-term mobility or intensive course in:
    • Haaga-Helia Erasmus+ partner university

Grant conditions

  • Physical mobility should last 5 to 30 days and be combined with a mandatory virtual component.
  • At least 3 credits must be obtained from the short mobility (physical and virtual components combined).
  • The course should have a mandatory virtual component before or after physical activity.
  • The course must be accepted as part of your Haaga-Helia degree.

- If the grant conditions are not met, you can apply for Haaga-Helia's own travel grant for your short exchange.

Please read the following documents :


Haaga-Helia Travel Grant

If you are applying to destinations that are not Haaga-Helia's Erasmus+ partner universities or are not eligible for the Erasmus+ short stay grant you can apply for Haaga-Helia's own travel grant:

The programme fes and costs for the summer schools and short courses vary considerably depending on the length of the course and content of the programme. Most of our partner institutions offer a discount or a tuition fee waiver for Haaga-Helia's degree students.

Check all the costs carefully directly from the host institution before applying. Please note that students are responsible for all the costs as well as all the arrangements and research related to applying and studying at a summer school/other short courses.  

Haaga-Helia's degree students can apply for a travel grant for summer school and other short courses from Haaga-Helia International Services with the Outgoing short stay application.

The amount of the travel grant varies according to the destination:

  • Nordic and Baltic countries: 150 €/exchange
  • Destinations within Europe, Turkey, and Russia: 250 €/exchange
  • Countries outside Europe: 400 €/exchange

Grant conditions

  • You can receive the grant only once and you cannot apply for the grant after the exchange
  • Your study plan has to be approved by your International Affairs Specialist before your exchange
  • Short course organiser must be a foreign university or university of applied sciences. The level of tuition must be good and recognised.

Recognition of studies after exchange

After the exchange, your credits will be transferred into your Haaga-Helia degree according to the Learning Agreement which you have made with your International Affairs Specialist. The credits earned during your exchange semester will be transferred as ”H” (pass) to Peppi. The original grade can always be seen from the transcript you receive from the host institution.

For the recognition of studies, log into the MoveON to fill in the Student Exchange Travel Report and the After Mobility Form. Your International Affairs Specialist will transfer the credits in due time after you have submitted all the required documents.

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