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SuFi – Sustainability in Finance

The Sustainability in Finance (SuFi) project aims to develop a vocational Sustainability in Finance open online module (15 ECTS) for vocational education and training (VET).

The project will involve students, teachers, and stakeholders in new competence and modular development. Testing and piloting the module takes place on Moodle platform by Latvian, Finnish, and Estonian vocational partner institutions.

The module will be rooted in all partner institutions and made available for all, on an open educational platform within the Central Baltic region. The project is needed in order to match employment demand, enhance competitiveness, work opportunities and mobility, and to enhance new required competences among business graduates in the Central Baltic region.

SuFi – Sustainability in Finance

Project manager: Jani Siirilä
Duration: 1.3.2020–30.11.2022
Partners: “Liepajas State Technical School“ (Latvia), Tartu VEC (Viro), University of Latvia (Latvia), University of Tartu (Estonia), Åland University of Applied Sciences​, Bank of Åland, Finance Latvia Association, Finance in Finland.
Funding: Interreg Central Baltic

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