LEARN TO CHANGE - Collaborative Digital Storytelling for Sustainable Change

The Learn to Change project aims to support educators and learners to apply open-access digital tools, applications, and platforms widely and creatively for the purposes of impactful digital content creation.

We engage higher education students, teachers, and industry partners across Europe in collaborative digital storytelling to support and innovate sustainable change for the post-pandemic tourism and services sector.

Our objectives are to: 

  • research and develop collaborative digital storytelling solutions to create meaningful social engagement between higher education students, teachers and industry partners
  • support educators to deploy open-access digital tools to enhance learners’ competences in cross-cultural communication and collaboration with a shared purpose
  • train learners to make creative and responsible use of open-access digital tools to innovate digital storytelling in collaboration with international peers and industry partners
  • develop the co-creation competences of educators, learners, and industry partners to envision sustainable futures and develop pedagogical solutions to drive sustainable change.

In addition to the partner universities, the project has 14 associated partners representing the EdTech sector and the tourism and services sector across Europe. The associated partners take part in the co-creation workshops focused on innovating digital storytelling solutions and disseminate the project results in their stakeholder networks.

LEARN TO CHANGE - Collaborative Digital Storytelling for Sustainable Change

Project manager: Tanja Vesala-Varttala
Duration: 1.3.2021–28.2.2023
Funding: Erasmus+
Partners: Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences (coordinator), Budapest Business School, Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco, University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague, Saxion University of Applied Sciences

Principal Lecturer
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