Guidance counsellor

Each Haaga-Helia student has their own personal guidance counsellor. They provide a familiar and safe contact for students, supporting them throughout their studies. They support students in advancing their studies and careers, as well as in matters related to well-being and learning, providing both personal and group counselling. Guidance counsellors work in close collaboration with the entire Haaga-Helia guidance network so that students can contact them in any matter.

Students get acquainted with their own guidance counsellor at the beginning of their studies. The guidance counsellors organise the orientation days for new students and the Introduction to Studies course. They also support students’ team building in collaboration with student tutors.

Guidance counsellors guide students in the preparation of a personal study plan (PSP), the timing of studies and questions related to the completion of studies. At the beginning of studies, students can discuss with their guidance counsellor the possibilities of recognition of competence: credit transfer, Work&Study (work-based learning) , and demonstration of prior learning.

Guidance counsellors actively support and monitor students’ study progress in the normative study pace. Guidance counselling at Haaga-Helia is career-oriented, so it always looks at studies in relation to long-term career goals. During studies, guidance counsellors guide students in career planning and further education. In accordance with Haaga-Helia's strategy, guidance counselling opens doors to future careers.

If you have questions about planning your PSP and enrolments, please read first the page Planning your studies and making enrolments for implementations. If you need technical support to prepare your PSP, contact your study advisor. In course selections and career related planning, contact your guidance counsellor

Elizabeth SanMiguel, Head of Guidance, Career and Wellbeing Services, and Katja Komulainen, Vice-President, are responsible for the management, coordination and development of Haaga-Helia's guidance counselling.

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