What is your strength and how do you use it?

From recognizing your own strengths, you can gain extra power into your life. This theme has been talked about in Haaga-Helia, when welfare operators have stopped students to reflect on their character strengths.

Rosa Weckman
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Among other things, this is how students described using a sense of humor, leadership and enthusiasm in their studies:

  • I lighten the mood with humor, I think studying needs to be relaxed and fun.
  • Today I was leading and inspiring fellow students in group work so we could move forward.

Over the past month, wellness actors at various events have stopped students and asked them to reflect on their own strengths and how they use them in everyday life. At the task point, we have had 26 character strength cards on display, from which students were allowed to name their core strengths. You can get to know the full list of character strengths here.

Based on the answers, students broadly have a wide range of strengths. Strengths were used to solve problem situations, learn new things, do team work and raise togetherness. If it feels tricky to consider your strengths, you can do this test based on scientific studies, for example, or consider what kind of feedback you have received about your strengths in your lifetime. I would encourage you all to consider your strengths, for example, through the following questions.

Here's how students respond

This is how students answered when asked about their own strengths, feedback from loved ones and how they use their strengths in everyday life.

Perseverance is the most common strength of Haaga-Helia students based on responses. The second most popular character strength was curiosity.

  • I used persistence today for example. I don't give up on school assignments, even if the job is difficult.
  • Perseverance is unyielding and it is needed to learn new things.

The second most popular character strength was curiosity.

  • Out of curiosity, I figure things out and sometimes I may therefore know something other people don't. This is how I can help.
  • In project work, I wonder how to do some things in another ways.
  • I ask others about their lives and interests so they know I'm interested in them.

The third key group of strength was strongly associated with sociability. Social intelligence, fairness and kindness go hand in hand.

  • Social intelligence is a strength in group work, I know how to take others into account.
  • Getting along with everyone and being friendly is always good, but not too much! Too much can be, for example, being too flexible in everything.
  • By being kind to others. By that I bring joy and positivity to others.

What are the benefits of strengths in practice?

Sometimes reflecting on strengths, especially character strengths, can seem artificial and as a loose exercise it can be. But the power of strengths lies in the fact that their benefits emerge when we genuinely focus on them. Because what we focus on, that's what we strengthen.
What if when doing teamwork, you put the time and effort into first figuring out the strengths and working methods of the group members? How about focusing on studying on your own strength instead of just avoiding weaknesses.

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