We asked our students what is the best way to relax on vacation - one thing rose above the others!

The summer holiday season is looming, which is why we set out to ask our students how they will relax during the summer. Get inspired by the answers and grab their tips for a good summer.

Makoileminen kukkaniityllä - rentoutuminen kesällä
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Summer vacation looms ahead, and soon it will be time to forget about studying for a while. It begs the question, what is the best way to relax in the summer?

To get an answer, we asked Haaga-Helia's students how do they relax in the summer. The answers we received emphasized individual ways of relaxing, but there were also some ways that came up over and over again.

"Usually, I do things I like and things that energize me. In my opinion, it’s best to be outside in the summer. Have a walk with your dog or friend. Best if you have both of them with you. If I’m really out of stock, then I’ll look at streaming services. Sometimes it’s okay not to do anything at all."

The student also thinks it’s good to leave the cell phone home sometimes. It helps to focus and forget about the outside world. It's not healthy to be available around the clock.

Also, another student encourages to turn the phone off or at least put it in silent mode, as it's much easier to relax if you're not available all the time. The student also warns how relaxation can easily become a task itself.

"I used to try to do it all. If I had a day off, I had to do everything related to relaxing. Wake up in the morning for a jog, go to the sauna, read a book, and so on. In the end, I was even more stressed because I didn't manage to relax the way I had imagined to relax."

Nowadays, the student only does things that feel good at that very moment, which is always good advice for both vacation and everyday life.

A marketing student’s tip for relieving stress may be different from traditional ways of relaxing. You should put it behind your ear if it feels like yours.

"This may sound funny way to relieve stress and relax, but if something really stresses me a lot, then I tend to do some cleaning. I put on an audiobook and arrange my messy spice cabinet or something. When I'm done with cleaning, I usually feel so much better."

One student says the best recipe for relaxing on a hot summer day requires water and friends.

"I and my friends bring swimming rings, mattresses, and other floating equipment and head to the pond or lake. Then we load our inflatable boat with a speaker, sun lotion, snacks, and drinks. No one's allowed to take their phone, so usually, we have absolutely no idea about the time."

We hope you got inspired by the answers. So, remember to relax and recover on your holidays.