Vocational teachers graduated in Helsinki, Porvoo and Turku

The graduation from Haaga-Helia's vocational teacher education is celebrated in the first week of May. At the same time, graduations of vocational special needs teachers and guidance counselors are also celebrated.

Turku valmistujaiset AOKK 2022
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This year, a total of 226 students graduated from the Haaga-Helia School of Vocational Teacher Education (of those who started in 2021-22 groups). Most students graduate as vocational teachers, but even this year more than thirty vocational special needs teachers and guidance counselors graduated as well.

In recent years Haaga-Helia's  vocational teacher training has focused on international importance both in Finland and abroad. This was also evident in the English-language teacher training group, from which 17 students graduated. There were students from countries such as Brazil, India, the United States, Spain and Ghana.

The attraction of teacher education has been going on nationwide for a long time. The most popular programme in schools of vocational teacher education is vocational teacher education, to which there were more than 1,000 applicants in Haaga-Helia this year. In Haaga-Helia, you can study as a vocational teacher in Helsinki (also English-language group), Porvoo and Turku.

Photo of the article: The graduation ceremony of the Turku Teacher Training Group was celebrated on 4 May 2022. In the center picture Haaga-Helia is guided by teachers Henna Heinilä and Susanna Löf.

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