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Get to know and understand traditional Chinese customs and culture.

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The aim of the Chinese culture course is to increase the knowledge of Finnish teachers and students in relation to Chinese culture and traditions. The course is organized by Shenzhen Polytechnic and is free of charge for students and staff of institutions belonging to Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences China-network.

– Increasing knowledge of Finland in China and knowledge of China in Finland is the basis for successful cooperation. It is easier to understand the present when you know culture, history and interests, says Jenni Pohjola and Esa Vuorenmaa, Haaga-Helia's China network's project experts.

What makes the course interesting is that it is carried out in its entirety by a Chinese partner school and the content is designed to suit students and staff at the Polytechnics. The course is free of charge and the language of instruction is English.

The course consists of a total of six lectures, all of which cover different topics. The themes introduce participants to the tones and characteristics of the Chinese language, China's economic structure, upswing and trends, history and culture from religious perspectives, traditional art, and social and traditional folk culture.

Topics of lectures:

  •     Get to know the wonderful Chinese language
  •     China's 40 years of Economic Development
  •     Exploration of the Chinese History and Culture
  •     The Kingdom of Chinese Characters
  •     The Art of Paper Cutting
  •     Chinese Festivals

Participants will have a rewarding cultural experience in the form of online studies, that provide an opportunity to get to know and understand traditional Chinese customs and culture in depth.

The course starts on 31 October, so sign up as soon as possible!

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