The results of the Master's student survey are ready

The results of the Master's student survey conducted during the spring have been completed. The survey's target group consisted of all Master students who began their studies in the fall semester of 2021 or the spring semester of 2022.

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The results of the Master's student survey conducted during the spring semester are ready. The survey's target group consisted of all the Master's students who began their studies in the last fall semester or this spring semester.

The goal of the survey was to find out the issues that affect students' well-being and the progress of their studies. The collected feedback was mainly positive. The response rate to the survey was 12 percent.

As in the previous year, the open feedback provided by Master students highlighted that the most important targets of development are the number of systems, their usability, the need for harmonization of practices and clear communication, and the flow of information.

The majority of students felt that distance and hybrid learning had contributed positively to their graduation. Reasons for being behind were related to lack of time caused by their work.

The support provided by their families and/or relatives and the clear contents of the study courses were mentioned as the biggest driving forces and resources for studying.

Respondents were, on average, really development-oriented. They wanted to develop and adopt a wide range of skills and competencies so that they could utilize them in their own work and working life in general.

On a scale of 1 to 5, Haaga-Helia received an overall grade of 3.7 from the Master students. Most of the students reported that their expectations regarding their studies were exceeded or met very well.

The respondents considered Haaga-Helia's biggest strengths to be its aware and working life orientated teaching, the comprehensive range of courses, practicality, as well as the possibility to complete studies online.

You can read the full report from Haaga-Helias Intranet, but unfortunately it's only in Finnish (needs login):

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