The press conference organized by MediaGuru attracted widespread interest

The press conference organized by MediaGuru attracted widespread interest. The panel discussion during the event highlighted the evident need for understanding media planning, as well as media buying and selling within the industry.

Mies seisoo ruudun edessä, jossa näkyy statistiikkaa sekä piirakkadiagrammi. Miehellä on pukupäällä ja huoneen valaistus on sinertävä.
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MediaGuru conducted its inaugural official press conference on Monday, February 12, 2024. The event served as a platform for the team behind the initiative to unveil their plans for an ambitious training program in media strategy and planning, accompanied by a comprehensive set of certifications.

The primary aim of this undertaking is to elevate expertise in media strategy and planning, marking a groundbreaking initiative as the first comprehensive educational program for the media industry in Finland. The event drew the attention of nearly seventy enthusiasts and professionals keenly interested in the subject matter.

The project manager at MediaGuru, Petteri Saloranta, along with team members Sari Haavisto and Minna Lindqvist, expressed their satisfaction with the positive reception of the event. Notably, the panel discussion held during the occasion successfully piqued the audience's interest in the forthcoming training program and certifications.

The distinguished panel included Elina Valtia, Vice Chairman of Outdoor Finland and CEO of JCDecaux Finland; Riina Aho, Research and Development Manager at Radiomedia; Anna Lujanen, Executive Director of Screenforce Finland; and Tarja Autio, Development Manager at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences.

In the panel discussion, it emerged that the need for understanding media design and buying and selling is obvious. It is also important to put the knowledge involved in both those starting their careers and those who are already active in the field. Based on background research, there are people in the field who want to update and verify their expertise in media mathematics.

Something changes, something stays the same

The discussion underscored the unmistakable need for a deep understanding of media planning, buying, and selling. Competence in these areas is deemed essential for both newcomers and seasoned professionals, as corroborated by background research indicating a desire within the industry to refresh and validate skills in media mathematics.

Despite the ongoing changes, both the panel discussion and the subsequent feedback received suggest that the media industry is navigating a dynamic landscape. Factors such as technological advancements, GDPR compliance, data protection, and ongoing dialogues regarding brand-safe media environments contribute to the industry's growing complexity. 

Professionals are required to adeptly navigate increasingly intricate operational landscapes, necessitating a commitment to continuous learning.

Haaga-Helia's Sari Haavisto emphasized that amidst the changes, certain aspects of the industry remain constant, including industry terminology and specific elements related to the buying and selling of media. Furthermore, media usage continues to showcase diversity among the Finnish population.

According to Haavisto, there is a discernible gap in media planning education in Finland that specifically targets key domestic media groups, a gap that MediaGuru aims to address.

The event also explored Finnish consumption habits, revealing that despite evolving trends, Finns continue to spend up to 3.5 hours daily in front of the television, reaching almost 80% of the population weekly. Radio maintains a robust presence, engaging up to 4.3 million Finns weekly throughout the year.

Let's strengthen the industry

Tarja Autio, Chair of MediaGuru's Steering Committee, outlined the organization's commitment to propelling domestic media investments into the forefront of marketing efforts. This involves the establishment of a completely independent training program and certifications in Finland, strategically divided among different media groups. These initiatives are designed to reflect the latest industry knowledge and incorporate strong pedagogical expertise.

MediaGuru operates on the principles of transparency and objectivity, ensuring equal standing for each media group. The free training program and certifications encompass all essential media groups: television and video, audio and radio, news and magazine media, out-of-home advertising (OOH and DOOH), digital media and channels, holistic media planning, and ethical and responsible media planning.

MediaGuru's collaborative efforts extend to the umbrella organizations of Finland's major media groups. Aikakausmedia, MediaAuditFinland, Outdoor Finland, RadioMedia, and Screenforce Finland are actively involved in both the implementation and the steering committee. 

The MediaGuru project is funded by the European Social Fund (ESR+), the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and Environment of Häme, and Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences.


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