Multifactor authentication on external user accounts

Haaga-Helia will enforce Multifactor authentication (MFA) on M365 external user accounts from 15.12.2023.

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External user is a person using Haaga-Helia's M365 resources without Haaga-Helia's M365 account, for example when a person without Haaga-Helia's organization account is participating some project in Teams or has access to files shared in Haaga-Helia's OneDrive/Sharepoint site. The external account is a form of an email address.

From 15th of December 2023 onwards all external users are required to use multifactor authentication when signing in. If you are using Haaga-Helia's M365 resources (eg. Teams) with external account you will have to set up authentication method. 

We highly recommend using Microsoft Authenticator App for MFA method. 

See the instructions:

More information: Haaga-Helia's IT Services