Making universities of applied sciences attractive employers for researchers

Haaga-Helia is the first Finnish university of applied sciences to reach for the HR Excellence in Research Award. The HRS4R Award is a recognition by the European Commission of the development of researchers’ working conditions and careers.

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Haaga-Helia is assessing the introduction of the HR Excellence in Research Award to show that the university of applied sciences values and supports researchers. Haaga-Helia invests heavily in academic applied research, and doctoral graduates play a key role in this.

– Traditionally, universities of applied sciences are not the primary target for young researchers' career dreams. We want to change this, and we have already done a lot of work on this in the COMPASS project. We want Haaga-Helia to be an interesting and attractive employer for researchers, says project manager Ana Timonen.

For the researcher, the quality label is a sign that the organisation and the employer acknowledge and promote the rights of researchers, value and support experiences of international mobility, and respect work-life balance. In addition, an organisation that has achieved this recognition is committed to transparent recruitment and offers the opportunity to join the European network of research organisations and researchers.

Haaga-Helia aims to be part of a select group

So far, 703 organisations across Europe have been awarded the HR Excellence in Research Award. In Finland, 10 universities and research organisations, none of which are universities of applied sciences, have been awarded this quality label. Internationally, only a few universities of applied sciences are among the awarded organisations.

Haaga-Helia aims to receive the award after the initial assessment phase in summer 2024, followed by a three-year implementation phase, during which the actions listed in the initial action plan will be implemented, reported on and followed by an interim assessment and recommendations on how to continue implementation.

The HRS4R Award helps universities and research organisations to raise their profile in the eyes of researchers. At Haaga-Helia, HRS4R quality work is carried out as part of the COMPASS project of the Ulysseus European University.

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