Library’s language cafés will have a comeback in the fall

The language cafés piloted in May were greeted with a great excitement by international students. Thus, the events will continue right after the summer.

Jatkuva oppiminen liiketoiminnan kehittämisessä
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Library staff wanted to try something new this spring to support the well-being of Haaga-Helia students and especially international students. So, the library decided to organise two language cafés. The concept is not a new thing among public libraries in Finland but UAS libraries haven’t probably organised many language cafés before. Haaga-Helia study coaches also actively participated in organising this new event.

It was decided that two language cafés be organised this May, to find out if there’d be an interest in them. The events were meant to be easily accessible. The main point was to offer an opportunity to use the Finnish language in a relaxed atmosphere, without any specific requirements for students’ language skills.

The two groups gathered in Pasila campus library were diverse: international students form Europe and Asia. Some students had lived in Finland for several years, but there was also a student who had come to Finland only three weeks earlier. Discussion flowed smoothly both in English and in Finnish.

The events were greeted with a great excitement. They were praised especially because of their target group. It is much easier to speak a new language when people around share similar backgrounds as students.

To sum it up: language cafés will be reorganised in the fall. The organisers and the students discussed that Finnish could also be practised by playing different games. As a matter of fact, it is at the core of library’s interests to continue these events by taking all the students’ suggestions into account.