Haaga-Helia quality system to be be assessed in the quality audit conducted in February 2023

During two days in February 2023, the audit team will conduct interviews and arrange workshops to evaluate the quality system of Haaga-Helia through four areas. The main value of the audit visit is in obtaining the maximum information about Haaga-Helia’s learning process and related activities.

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Whats is a quality audit

The audit evaluates the appropriateness, functionality and effectiveness of a quality system of Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. All audits in Finland are carried out by Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC). Audit evaluation system is enhancement-led and based on participation and interaction, which means that audit visit will be conducted through interviews and workshops. During this third round of audits, FINEEC audits have a special emphasis on the student-centred approach in education and the societal impact.

Audit is a development tool to recognise our strengths and enhancement areas. Evaluation of this information will give us the opportunity to plan future development and improvements most accurately and productively.

When and how it will happen

The audit is carried out every six years. In 2023, the audit visit to Haaga-Helia will take place on February 14 and 15. During these two days, the audit team will conduct interviews and arrange workshops to evaluate the following areas:

  • competence creation
  • impact and renewal promotion
  • quality and well-being enhancement
  • Haaga-Helia as a learning organization

Audit team has 4 members, including representatives of the higher education sector, students and business community outside of HEIs. A project manager from FINEEC will also participate in the team’s work as an expert of audits. The audit team in Haaga-Helia's audit is

  • Professor, Dr. Karim Khakzar, President of Fulda University of Applied Sciences (chair), Germany
  • Professor, Dr. Henrik Dindas, FOM University of Applied Sciences, Germany
  • Student Hilal Karaoğlan, Boğazici University, Turkey
  • Labour Market Director Hanne Salonen, Education Employers (Sivista)

FINEEC representatives are Hanna Väätäinen and Kati Isoaho.

Before the audit visit Haaga-Helia made a self-assessment report.

What happens after the audit visit

The audit team writes the audit report and presents its proposal on the audit result to the Higher Education Evaluation Committee. Then the Higher Education Evaluation Committee decides on the result of the audit.

  • If Haaga-Helia passes the audit, it will receive a quality label and will be entered in the register of audited HEIs which is maintained by FINEEC. The quality label is valid for six years.
  • If Haaga-Helia does not pass the audit, it is required to undergo a re-audit. The re-audit will be conducted in 2–3 years.

Even though we are aimed to successfully pass the audit and obtain a quality label, we see the main value of the audit visit in obtaining the maximum information about Haaga-Helia’s learning process and related activities.

What can I do

Help us improve and develop! To be ready for an audit means to be actively involved in developing Haaga-Helia, give feedback and answer surveys. Improvement is a continuous process, and we are eager to hear your opinion, ideas, and suggestions. You can also join a student union or organization to be more involved in Haaga-Helia internal activities.

More information is available here

Participate in the audit information event for Haaga-Helia staff and students on January 17 on Teams. Visit the event page and find the link here.