Haaga-Helia had a strong year of development in 2021

The year 2021 kicked off a new strategy period at Haaga-Helia, during which Haaga-Helia has also reshaped its values. The activities increasingly emphasised work for a prosperous higher education community and for sustainable future.

Haaga-Helialla vahva kehittämisen vuosi 2021
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Haaga-Helia's Annual Report 2021 shows that despite the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, graduation rates were more successful than expected last year. For example, record graduation rates were achieved in bachelor-level business studies.

The Open University of Applied Sciences also had a record number of students last year. Continuous learning has become an important focus point alongside bachelor's degrees.

"We performed great, considering the circumstances, and achieved the academic goals we set. The academic results for 2021 were the best of all time. Our financial performance was also better than budgeted. We believe in hard work, working strongly in collaboration, and bold experiments," says Teemu Kokko, President of Haaga-Helia.

Haaga-Helia's bachelor's degrees were renewed

In terms of education, 2021 was a strong year of development. During the operational year, Haaga-Helia renewed its bachelor's degrees so that the studies became more flexible and personal.

The first students following the new curriculum started their studies in autumn 2021. The reform brought new clear study programmes open for application to Haaga-Helia, a common curriculum for all degrees and individual learning paths.

Although Haaga-Helia's commercial and international operations continued to suffer from the pandemic last year, RDI activities were even more successful than expected. Projects promoting sustainable development and digitalisation were highlighted in the project portfolio.

Higher education pedagogy also strengthened its position as a profile area for Haaga-Helia.

Haaga-Helia invested strongly in developing well-being

Working and studying in the hybrid model was a challenge for some Haaga-Helia staff members and students. Last year, Haaga-Helia invested significantly in the development of well-being. Resources were directed especially to guidance and student support. To support the personnel, Haaga-Helia organised mentoring activities in digital pedagogy.

Haaga-Helia's operations placed increasing emphasis on work for accountability and a sustainable future. The work can be seen not only in the development of well-being in the higher education community but also in research and development activities.

Efforts to achieve a carbon-neutral Haaga-Helia have continued toward concrete actions. Calculating the carbon footprint of our own operations has been one example of the efforts. In accordance with our strategy, we take accountability into account also in our study plans.

Read Haaga-Helia's Annual Report 2021

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