GRENKE is Haaga-Helia's new partner

GRENKE is an international company offering a wide range of leasing financing services in 33 countries.

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GRENKE provides services to customers of all sizes in Finland with 5 offices and nearly 1,000 dealers. GRENKE supports business growth by financing corporate fixed asset projects.

Malin Miettinen and Riku Jokela from GRENKE visited the Pasila campus to discuss the new partnership. They emphasise that the main objective of the future cooperation is to familiarise Haaga-Helia students with the financial sector and to raise awareness of the employment opportunities offered by the sector among students.

Miettinen gives an example of how students can find employment with GRENKE:

– Siiri came to us for summer work in 2018 and stayed on a fixed-term contract until she decided to start studying at Haaga-Helia in autumn 2019. At the beginning of 2020, she joined our Apprenticeship programme, where she worked in different positions alongside her studies. Siiri will graduate this spring and is now a permanent employee, says Miettinen.

They are working to create a smooth channel between Grenke and Haaga-Helia students to offer projects and both seasonal and permanent jobs to students.

– As one of the largest UAS, Haaga-Helia is of interest to us because the wide range of courses offered also serves GRENKE. Most of GRENKE's employees have a degree from a polytechnic, so that is another reason why the student body of Haaga-Helia is our target group, Miettinen says.

GRENKE wants to highlight in particular its focus on B2B leasing finance solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises, and to explain what working in this finance sector entails.