Graduates of 2021, answer the alumni survey

Every year, Haaga-Helia surveys the experiences of graduates from two years ago on whether we have been able to achieve our promise to "open doors to future careers".

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The alumni survey maps how each degree has met the needs of working life and what the career path of the graduate has been like. The answers are used for example in the planning of education, guidance and the development of alumni activities.

We will also share the results with respondents to provide them with interesting peer information. The most interesting results will be published in the alumni newsletter.

So if you graduated two years ago from Bachelor's or Master's degree, check your email for a personalised link and answer our survey! The response period is from 21th of March to 3rd of April 2023.

Please contact if the survey has not reached your inbox. We will send you a new link.


Due to technical problems, the survey was sent out on 21 March instead of 20 March as announced in the alumni newsletter. The deadline was extended by one day. 

El Amrani
asiantuntija, alumnisuhteet
Specialist, Alumni Relations
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