Finnish pedagogy interests Ukrainian education experts

Haaga-Helia is involved in a project to reform vocational training in Ukraine. Cooperation in education between the countries deepened further when a group of Ukrainian vocational education experts visited the Pasila campus on 1 December 2022.

Ukrainalaiset vieraat Haaga-Heliassa 12 2022
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Ukrainian education experts got to know the Finnish education system when a group of 22 people from the country visited Finland in December. The visit planned with the Finnish National Agency of Education also included a visit to Haaga-Helia's Pasila campus.

During the visit, Ukrainians were particularly interested in teacher training and Finnish pedagogy. The group consisted of vocational training experts and management staff from the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and various educational institutions. Representatives from the Finnish National Agency of Education were also present.

The visit included various activities, including a welcome speech by President Minna Hiillos and a visit to Haaga-Helia's labs during a campus tour. The group also discussed the international EU4Skills Better Skills for Modern Ukraine joint project, in which Haaga-Helia School of Vocational Teacher Education has been involved since 2021. The project will reform vocational training in Ukraine.

–  In 2021, we developed Ukrainian vocational education and training curricula in a knowledge-based form and implemented two separate online trainings for Ukrainian teachers. We are currently preparing a modern, digital further teacher training programme that the participants could implement later in Ukraine, says Jutta Paukkonen, Head of Sales at the School of Vocational Teacher Education.

The visit was very successful and further strengthened education cooperation between the experts of the two countries.

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