Finland launches the world’s first official university course on TikTok: Anyone can now earn credits on social media

TikTok's popularity surges as young people increasingly turn to it for news. A Finnish university of applied sciences introduces an innovative approach to education: the first-ever university course entirely on TikTok.

Somessa voi nyt ansaita opintopisteitä: Suomessa lanseerataan maailman ensimmäinen TikTokissa suoritettava korkeakoulukurssi
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Now, students can maximize the benefits of their TikTok time by advancing their studies. TikTok has rapidly risen as a key news source, especially among young demographics in Finland, England and the United States. With over 25% of Finnish adults already engaged on the platform, its influence is undeniable. Haaga-Helia, a Finnish University of Applied Sciences decided to seize this trend, introducing the world's first TikTok-exclusive course. This innovative move transforms TikTok from a potential distraction into a valuable educational tool. 

Haaga-Helia's priority lies in enriching student learning through inventive solutions. This innovative teaching approach leverages TikTok's widespread appeal to enhance the educational landscape, particularly focusing on entrepreneurship. The course comprises concise video lectures presented in English on the @hh_ideatobusiness TikTok account, ensuring accessibility for all. Like traditional courses, it includes assignments and a final project. It is worth mentioning that the course is not mandatory, so individuals are not obligated to download TikTok. 

– Our school embraces innovative ideas, viewing change not as a threat but as a chance to innovate. Recognizing that young adults and students are already active on TikTok, we see an opportunity to offer educational content alongside the platform's lighter fare. So why not leverage this existing engagement and introduce educational material to TikTok, explains Teemu Kokko, Principal of Haaga-Helia.

Pioneering education for today's generation 

Haaga-Helia has for long been committed to reshaping education and professional life. Students are urged to pursue self-improvement beyond conventional learning methods. With over 1.5 million adult TikTok users in Finland, this course provides accessible educational options for all, regardless of student status.

 – We embrace experimentation and innovation. We refuse to overlook opportunities for growth and advancement. It's all too simple to become entrenched in old habits, but at Haaga-Helia, we strive to lead the way. We remain committed to being the top choice for both prospective and current students, ensuring our ongoing relevance and appeal, Kokko concludes. 

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