European and African higher education institutions are developing nutritional competencies in the NEEMA network

The NEEMA project aims to develop fair, healthy and environmentally friendly food models for higher education institutions in West Africa and Europe. Haaga-Helia is also involved in the project.

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A new network was set up by the Ulysseus Alliance of European Universities on 23–24 June in connection with alliance's Researcher's Days in Seville .

Funding and partners are currently being sought to promote food and nutrition expertise in West African higher education institutions.

In addition to representatives of higher education institutions, Alberto Virella Gomes , Ambassador of the Special Mission for the Africa Plan in Spain, and Médiatrice Kiburente, UNICEF's Head of Nutrition, also attended the meeting.

In addition to Haaga-Helia, the NEEMA network includes three Ulysseus universities: the Spanish University of Seville, the French University of Côte d'Azur, the Austrian MCI | The Entrepreneurial. Hochschule Kehl University of Applied Sciences in Germany is also involved.

Eight higher education institutions are involved in West Africa: Senegal, Nigeria. Burkina Faso and Mali.

The NEEMA network takes its name from the word "food" in the Fulani language. The language has more than 40 million speakers in West and Central Africa.

Photo: A new network connecting European and African higher education operators was established in Seville in June in connection with the Ulysseus' Researcher's Days.