The autumn joint application period has ended - thank you to all applicants!

The joint application period for bachelor's and master's degrees closed on 14 September at 15:00. Haaga-Helia was the most popular university of applied sciences in Finland in terms of priority applicants.

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In the autumn joint application that ended yesterday, 15 591 applications were submitted to Haaga-Helia's bachelor and master studies. 8 159 applicants had chosen Haaga-Helia as their preferred study place, which means Haaga-Helia was the most popular university of applied sciences in Finland in terms of priority applicants. The total number of study places for studies starting in January is 764, which means that there is an average of 10.7 priority applicants for every study place at Haaga-Helia.

Record number of applicants in master's degree programmes

In the autumn joint application, Haaga-Helia had one master's degree programme in Finnish and five in English open for application. The master's programmes in English received a record number of applications, more than doubling the number of applicants from last year (2023: 9 755 applications, 2022: 4 741 applications). The most popular master's programme was Degree programme in Leading Business Transformation, which leads to a Master's degree in Business Administration (2 920 applicants).

Most attractive in the fields of business and IT

In the autumn joint application round, Haaga-Helia offered seven bachelor's degree programmes in Finnish and two in English. The most popular degree programme at Haaga-Helia was the Degree Programme in International Business (5 048 applicants). Also, the Degree Programme in Business Information Technology received a large number of applicants (4 986 applicants). When compared nationally, Haaga-Helia's degree programmes were the most attractive application destinations in the fields of business and information technology in Finland. 

We want to thank all the applicants for choosing Haaga-Helia!

After the application period

The selection method for bachelor's degree programmes is a certificate-based selection only based on matriculation examination (Finnish or EB, IB and RP/DIA diplomas). Haaga-Helia will not use the International UAS exam in the autumn 2023 joint application.

For the master's degree programmes, students are selected based on the entrance examination, which has two phases. Degree Programme in Sustainable Aviation Business organises both phases online (1st phase: 11.10.2023, 2nd phase: 25.10.2023). Other master's degree programmes have a joint entrance exam, where the second phase is organised on-site in Helsinki (1st phase 12.10.2023 online, 2nd phase 26.10.2023 on Pasila campus). Also, remember to submit your CV by 21 September 2023, 3.00 PM Finnish time.

More information for master's applicants on advance assignments, pre-reading materials and entrance examinations


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