Alumni Perspectives on School and Career Development

Student, explore what Haaga-Helia graduates from 2018 and 2021 think about the school and how their careers have developed



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Last year, two important surveys were conducted for former students: the Alumni Survey for those who graduated two years ago and the Career Monitoring Survey for those who graduated five years ago. The surveys provide valuable insights into what students who graduated in 2018 and 2021 think about their school and how their careers have developed.

In both surveys, Haaga-Helia received excellent ratings. In the Alumni Survey, which had responses from 443 former students, satisfaction with Haaga-Helia's degree received an average of 4.5 on a scale of 1–6. Extremely satisfied were 19.3%, satisfied 41%, and fairly satisfied 23.3%. In the Career Monitoring Survey, with responses from 886 former students, satisfaction with the degree was an average of 4.6. Extremely satisfied were 20.5%, satisfied 41.4%, and fairly satisfied 24.9%.

Haaga-Helia uses the Net Promoter Score (NPS) in the surveys. The NPS reflects the school's likelihood of being recommended to others. In the Alumni Survey, Haaga-Helia achieved an NPS score of 14, with 23% as detractors, 40% as passive, and 37% as promoters. In the Career Tracking Survey, the NPS was 16, with 21% as detractors, 43% as passive, and 36% as promoters.

The most popular job tasks among Alumni Survey respondents were planning, development, and administrative tasks; marketing, sales, and procurement tasks; and office tasks. In the Career Monitoring Survey, the most popular tasks were planning, development, and/or administrative tasks; marketing, sales, and/or procurement tasks; and managerial and supervisory tasks.

The median salary for Alumni Survey respondents was €3300/month, and for Career Monitoring Survey respondents, it was €3600/month.

More information about the results can be found here. We recommend exploring the website töissä.fi, where you can find inspiring career stories from graduates of higher education.

Please note that student surveys will be conducted in the spring. Students who started their studies in spring 2024 can respond to the introductory survey during the Introduction to Study -course feedback. The follow-up survey will be answered by students who started in the fall of 2022 and the spring of 2023, and they can expect to receive the survey in their email in March. In addition, YAMK students will respond to their own master's student survey in April 2024.

Even though it may feel like surveys are coming out of your ears, we still encourage you to respond and make an impact. The results will be discussed in the Student Well-being Working Group, in the leadership of educational programs and service functions, in guidance counselor groups, in the student union Helga, and in joint YTY/Roundtable meetings of students and educational programs."


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