“Studying a Master’s degree will make a huge positive impact on your career and professional skills”

Ekaterina Vuorinen describes herself as one of those "early adapters" who is eager to try on all new technology available. Her passion and fascination into digital transformation led her way back to Haaga-Helia to complete a Master’s degree in Leading Business Transformation.

Ekaterina Vuorinen
Alumni Testimonials

- After completing my BBA degree in Haaga-Helia in 2015, I was working at the Boston Consulting Group. There I came across multiple articles and other publications with real-life examples of companies transforming their operations at a large scale with new technology. As a business-minded person, I really wanted to research this topic from a perspective of how it is changing lives and how we could make new technology adoption worldwide more efficient and fast, Vuorinen says.

She applied to Haaga-Helia and got accepted in 2019.

- As I already had positive study experiences from Haaga-Helia, I was happy to be back to my alma mater. I knew that I would get a high-quality knowledge which I could apply in my work.

Master’s studies offer valuable skills and peer-learning

In her studies, Vuorinen specialised in Digital Business Opportunities, which prepares students to identify and utilise business opportunities offered by new digital technologies. The studies included courses e.g. in robotic automation, AI, future’s studies and emerging technologies.

- We had a lot of interesting courses and projects and I was hungry for knowledge. I took a lot of extra curriculum studies and ended up graduating with 120 ECTS instead of the necessary 90 ECTS, she laughs.

Vuorinen says that the studies have given her plenty of valuable skills and helped her supporting the implementation of digital technology in her current job as the Marketing Manager at QOCO Systems, a company that is innovating the aviation industry.

- I know digital technology so well now, that I believe with some training I can quickly become an expert in any field on the level to be able to execute marketing activities, whether it is Fintech, Aviation, Blockchain, etc. With the ground knowledge of technology I got from my degree, it is all crystal clear.

As Vuorinen had studied in Haaga-Helia before, she knew what to expect. However, she was positively surprised by the classmates and the new aspects they brought into the studies.

- Everyone was super motivated, competitive in a good way and eager to learn. Also most of my class mates were already in a leading positions so I learned a lot from them, she says.

- If you are looking for real practical skills supported with a strong theoretical background, combined with excellent teamwork with motivated classmates, Haaga-Helia is the right place to choose despite the programme. No matter which track you will choose, it will make a huge positive impact on your career and professional skills, especially if you are considering changing a career track or looking for a promotion.