Lila Ibrahim: Ulysseus Entre Camp was a great opportunity to network and develop skills

Lila Ibrahim is a MSc student in Smart Educational Technology and is currently also working as a Learning Experience Designer for Université Côte D’Azur, Project EFELIA, at the 3IA Institute. She also teaches private English courses for ESL students living in the South of France. 

Lila Ibrahim
Student testimonial

What is studying at Haaga-Helia as a Ulysseus student like?

Studying at Haaga-Helia as a Ulysseus student has been an incredibly enriching experience. The institution's dedication to academic excellence, strong ties to the industry, and the emphasis on fostering innovation and entrepreneurship have truly set it apart. Being a part of a diverse international community has not only expanded my global perspective but also allowed me to build lasting connections with people. With multilingual education options and comprehensive student support services, Haaga-Helia has provided me with a well-rounded education and a culturally immersive experience, that I believe will shape my future success in our interconnected world.

Why did you decide to apply to Ulysseus Entre Camp?

I was drawn to the program's reputation for fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. As someone passionate about exploring new ideas and turning them into reality, Ulysseus Entre Camp stood out as the perfect opportunity to immerse myself in an environment, that encourages creative thinking and problem-solving. Additionally, the program's strong network and connections with industry experts were appealing, as I believe they will provide invaluable mentorship and guidance for my entrepreneurial endeavours. I am excited about learning from experienced professionals and collaborating with like-minded individuals, all while gaining the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the world of entrepreneurship.

Were your studies what you expected?

Ulysseus Entre Camp not only met but also surpassed my expectations, providing an exceptional opportunity to develop my entrepreneurial skills, network with like-minded individuals and experience the wonderful culture and landscape of Helsinki and Finland as a whole. The mentorship and guidance from industry experts and our qualified mentors were invaluable, allowing me to refine my project ideas and strategies.

Moreover, the practical, hands-on approach to learning, combined with exposure to real-world challenges, was incredibly rewarding. I really enjoyed the endless opportunities for students to enjoy Finland’s culture through the enjoyment of traditional food and living like a true Finnish person by relaxing at a sauna. 

What kind of skills did the Entre Camp in Haaga-Helia give you for working life?

The program instils crucial skills such as idea generation, business planning, market research, and financial acumen. Ulysseus Entre Camp nurtures problem-solving and critical thinking capabilities, fostering the ability to tackle challenges and devise innovative solutions, universally sought-after traits in any profession.

Effective communication is at the heart of entrepreneurship, and Ulysseus Entre Camp sharpens participants' pitching and presentation skills. Resilience and adaptability, fundamental attributes for navigating the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, are also nurtured. This international program further enhances cross-cultural competence, which is vital in today's globalized workforce. Understanding market trends and data analysis is another facet of the program, which is essential for success in our data-driven world.

While entrepreneurship is at its core, the skills cultivated at Ulysseus Entre Camp are versatile, suitable for various career paths. Whether one chooses to embark on an entrepreneurial journey, contribute to a startup, or pursue a corporate career.

Greetings to current or future students?

If I were you, I would consider Ulysseus short-term programs for global exposure, skill development, networking and personal growth. During your journey, remember that this is an opportunity to embrace diversity, engage actively, seek mentorship and plan for the future. Remember to make the most of this transformative opportunity!