Merja Alanko-Turunen

Merja Alanko-Turunen

Principal Lecturer
+358 294471344

Merja Alanko-Turunen works as a Principal Lecturer at Haaga-Helia School of Vocational Teacher Education. Alanko-Turunen  has worked within the area of vocational teacher training and education nationally and internationally over 30 years. Her academic degrees are  PhD (Education) and M.Sc. (Economics and Business Administration).

Her main areas of expertise are pedagogical infrastructures, designing for learning, digital and work-placed learning as well as peer-group mentoring  and  other guidance and counselling approaches with individuals and groups. 

She is also involved in developing  international teacher educator programmes. She has given key notes, presented papers and run workshops in national and international conferences and been active in writing book articles as well.

Specialisation: Designing for learning, digital pedagogy, HE pedagogy, work-place pedaogy