Vocational Teacher Education with a Finnish Touch

Vocational Teacher Education with a Finnish Touch

The programme of the Vocational Teacher Education with a Finnish Touch is tailor-made to your needs with well-known Finnish expertise.

The excellent and renowned results of Finland's education system are based on the high quality of our pedagogical methodologies and on our proactive approach to teaching. Haaga-Helia School of Vocational Teacher Education is proud to implement modern tools and latest technology to ensure that our graduates will excel at their profession.

The Vocational Teacher Education with Finnish Touch can be used as an initial teacher training programme of 60 ECTS (approximately one academic year) or you can buy separate in-service training modules of 10 ECTS.

What can we offer you and your organisation

The Vocational Teacher Education with Finnish Touch focuses on the competences needed in teaching and guidance of diverse students in various learning environments. In addition, the programme provides students with the competences needed in networking and developing their educational organizations, the field of working life and professions.

What else you and your organisation will get

  • The personal development plan ensures that the participant will have a customized study process in terms of content and learning activities.
  • The team-based learning mode enables shared learning activities, col-laborative working methods and peer evaluation and feed-back.
  • Guided work based learning in your own teaching tasks gives pos-sibilities to the beginning teachers to practice the basic teaching and guiding skills; to the experienced teachers it offers possibilities to renew their peda-gogical thinking and teaching practice.
  • The developmental project included in the studies gives competences needed in developing participant’s own work and organization, and more broadly, educational sector, working life and professions.

The Programme 60 ECTS

Orientation to the programme

Module 1 (10 ECTS)

  • Identifying competence and the development plan
  • Introduction to pedagogy 1

Teaching practice development project

  • Module 2, 10 ETCS
    • Planning and implementing teaching and guidance & counselling
  • Module 3, 10 ECTS
    • Assessment of learning and quality assurance
    • Collaborative workshops

Work communities and networks development project

  • Module 4, 10 ECTS
    • The work communities and networks of the vocational teacher
    • Introduction to pedagogy 2
  • Module 5, 10 ECTS
    • Evaluation of networking activities and quality assurance

Wrap-up & Next steps

  • Module 6, 10 ECTS

    • Comprehensive assessment of the development projects
    • Transfer of knowledge



Extent: 60 ECTS

Target group: Students abroad

Language: English or Spanish

Cost: The programme is subject to a charge.

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