GLOBBA & INTBBA, thesis instructions

Students in the the Degree Programme in International Business can find degree specific instructions on this page. For all other instructions, refer to the Haaga-Helia thesis site.

If you are already writing your thesis, you may wish to check out GLOBBA Thesis Resources in Moodle.

Thesis Coordinators  

Courses Academic Year 2023-2024

  • THE7LF100-3011 Introduction to Thesis, by Päivö Laine
  • THE7LF101-3035 Thesis Planning, period 1, by Päivö Laine
  • THE7LF101-3037 Thesis Planning, period 1, by Päivö Laine
  • THE7LF101-3036 Thesis Planning, period 2 by Miikka Mäkelä
  • THE7LF101-3038 Thesis Planning, period 3, by Päivö Laine
  • THE7LF101-3039 Thesis Planning, period 3, by to be confirmed later
  • THE7LF101-3040 Thesis Planning,period 4, by to be confirmed later

An Interactive Overview

The thesis process and its timing is described in the interactive figure.

The GLOBBA curriculum flow figure illustrates how the thesis work has been calculated into the study loading of semesters 5 and 6. There is a minimum 5 ects reserved for thesis on semester 5, and 10 ects on semester 6. If all your free choices are done, then you have 5 ects more available time for thesis on both semesters.

GLOBBA Thesis Topic Requirements

To qualify, the thesis topic 

  • must be from the field of your major specialisation. It can have some cross-disciplinary component if you wish.
  • must have an international aspect of some kind. That is, the company operates in a country other than the students home country and/or people, good, services or money is moving across borders.
  • must add value and generate benefits to someone.
  • scope needs to cover about 400 hours of study for the thesis.
  • Ideally, theses are commissioned by for-profit businesses or not-for-profit organizations. This often helps manage challenges with the scope of the thesis and it is easier to indicate the direct benefits, benefitting parties and added value arising from the thesis. Non-commissioned theses are also acceptable, but it is more challenging to indicate the benefits and added value, which are included in the thesis assessment criteria.

For more details on a good thesis topic, check out the two interactive figures below and click the book blinking symbols.

Find previously published GLOBBA theses to get ideas:

GLOBBA Thesis Clinics

  • Thesis clinic services are detailed the figure below. Click it to see it in full.
  • You can make thesis clinic appointments whenever you need to consult on thesis related issues.
  • Make a clinic reservation. If there are no suitable times, email the clinic staff member directly requesting for an appointment.
  • Clinic staff with specialisation areas
Description of GLOBBA Thesis Clinic Services
Elizabet San Miguel

Wihi Thesis Process Management Software

  • Thesis advising related messaging between the student and the thesis advisor takes place through Wihi (phases 3-6 below). So, please remember to use Wihi when messaging your advisor. This generates a log of discussions for you to to refer to later. 
  • Wihi is located at  To log in, enter your HH username and password. 
  • User guidelines can be found at the ? mark on the top right..
  • After you have passed the THE7LF100 and THE7LF101 courses, your thesis advisor will be assigned, and you will start working on your thesis in Wihi.

GLOBBA Thesis Process

The thesis writing is scheduled to last three periods as follows. The summer semester is not counted into the duration.

  • Before starting the thesis process, do THE7LF100 Introduction to Thesis Examination (instructions below). It prepares you for the thesis process.
  • One period: THE7LF101 Thesis Planning & THE7HH801 Thesis Phase 1/3 (5 ECTS). 
  • Second period: THE7HH802 Thesis Phase 2/3 takes another period (5 ECTS)
  • Third period: THE7HH803 Thesis Phase 3/3 & THE7HH804 Maturity test (5 ECTS)

Note that all these courses are graded on a pass/fail scale. The 5 credit courses will get the grade of your thesis when the thesis completion is added to your Peppi. This means that the thesis grade will count toward your GPA with the weighting of 15 cr.

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