Remote access using VDI

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From this page, you will find the instructions for using VDI environment at Haaga-Helia.

What Is VDI?

VDI is an abbreviation for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. It gives you access to Haaga-Helia’s IT services (applications, network resources, etc) from outside of our campuses as well. The license agreement of some software companies does not allow using their software outside campuses.

Using VDI Haaga-Helia’s resources and services are available on any computer or device.

VDI instructions

VDI in short

  1. Download and install Citrix Workspace App (see further info from the link below).
  2. Open your web browser to and log in using Haaga-Helia’s email address ( and password. Login uses multi-factor authentication, so keep your mobile phone at hand.
  3. At the end of the session, either Disconnect or Sign Out.
    1. students: save your work and Sign out from the session (sometimes Disconnect).
    2. staff: save your work and choose either Disconnect or Lock (the session will remain active, you can e.g. change device), or choose to Sign out from the session.
Issues with VDI? Please contact HelpDesk
IT Services and HelpDesk
+358 800 97750