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The COMAI project creates an Erasmus Mundus joint degree in the business and digital economy areas for the Ulysseus University Alliance.

Erasmus Mundus joint degrees are built in the Ulysseus Alliance around the themes of university-specific innovation hubs, as Ulysseus emphasises innovation skills. Each university in the alliance is responsible for one innovation hub, and Haaga-Helia's hub's theme is artificial intelligence (AI).

At European Qualifications Framework Level 7 (Master's level programmes), the programme to be built in Haaga-Helia will be the first degree focused on AI applications.

The content of the degree and the learning objectives are a synergy between business and digitalisation, i.e. the use of artificial intelligence in business contexts. This requires broad-based expertise in both universities and companies.


Project manager: Marjaana Mäkelä

Duration: 10/2022 - 12/2023

Partners: Ulysseus European University alliance

Rahoitus: Erasmus Mundus

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