Come on a journey to a more compassionate study everyday — sign up for a compassion mentoring group

Do you miss the experience of being part of a group and a chance to strengthen your compassion and self-compassion skills? The mentoring groups launching in November will be open to all Haaga-Helia students.

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Nyyti ry, an organisation that works on student welfare work, together with universities, has developed compassion mentoring as a communal approach to promoting well-being.

In November, groups in both Finnish and English will be launched in Haaga-Helia for the first time. There are groups not only for degree students but also for teacher and adult students.

Discover new ways to strengthen mind wellbeing

Compassion mentoring is students' own peer activity. The group is a safe place to get acquainted with compassion and identify important self-compassion. What makes it visible to the peer group is that the well-being of the mind is something we each have.

Together and with guidance, it is possible to find new ways of looking after the well-being of the mind and strengthening compassion and self-compassion skills. Peers are closed groups, that is, a small group always meets with peer counselors with the same configuration.

The groups are guided by trained peer counselors, who they too are college students. In the group you are welcome as you are and want to be seen, heard and appreciated. Enrollment in groups is now underway — come with a low threshold!

Register for groups by 28 October

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