Information on education reform

Lead paragraph

The education reform is Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences' major education-related development project that aims to reform degree studies and provide more extensive studies for the needs of continuous learning. The education reform will shape a dynamic learning environment for Haaga-Helia's degrees and continuous learning solutions, as well as better, respond to the changing skills needs of working life

Objectives of education reform

The project is scheduled to end by 2023 when Haaga-Helia will have clear application targets, a renewed curriculum, personal learning paths, and smooth postgraduate and supplementary studies. With these reforms, more working and student-oriented perspectives will be added to studies.

The aim is to make studying more flexible and personal for the student. The best way to get more information about education reform is from your study counselor. We want students to be able to complete their studies according to the curriculum with which they have started their studies. Together with your study guide, you can look at what education reform might mean in your studies.

Educational reform development

The project groups for the educational reform are:

Owners of the project:

  • Minna Hiillos (Chair)
  • Matti Kauppinen
  • Salla Huttunen
  • Ari Hälikkä
  • Katja Komulainen

Project coordination group:

  • Competence Area Director Niina Kinnunen (Education Reform Process Director)
  • Development Manager Johanna Mutikainen
  • Management Assistant Sari Mäkinen.

If you have any questions regarding the education reform, you can send your question to