EUDAPA - European University Diploma in Adapted Physical Activity

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Are you curious about what adapted physical activity truly encompasses? Are you considering studying adapted physical activity and wondering why you should choose this program? Look no further – we have all the answers you need.

What is Adapted Physical Activity?

Adapted Physical Activity, or APA, is a dynamic field that focuses on enhancing the quality of life for individuals with diverse abilities. It's about tailoring physical activities to meet the unique needs and capabilities of every individual. Whether it's designing inclusive exercise programs, promoting sports for persons with disabilities, or fostering a deeper understanding of adaptive techniques, APA plays a pivotal role in creating an inclusive and healthier society.

Why you should attend this programme?

Choosing the European University Diploma in Adapted Physical Activity (EUDAPA) programme is a decision that will shape your future in remarkable ways. Our esteemed faculty, composed of experienced and distinguished international teachers and experts, will guide you through a programme that covers the latest research, techniques, and best practices in the field of APA.

Join the European University Diploma in Adapted Physical Activity (EUDAPA), and embark on a journey of discovery, growth, and empowerment. Your future in APA starts here!

By studying adapted physical activity with us, you'll gain:

  • Expertise: Access the wisdom and knowledge of renowned educators who have dedicated their careers to APA.
  • Practical Skills: Develop hands-on skills that enable you to create tailored exercise programs, adapt activities, and provide support for individuals with diverse abilities.
  • Global Perspective: Gain insights into the diverse cultures and approaches to APA across Europe, broadening your horizons and enriching your perspective.

Your Path to EUDAPA Diploma (60ECTS) in Three Steps:

Course Descriptions

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The Intensive Period in Finland 29.1.-26.4.2024

EUDAPA programme for Spring 2024 is CANCELLED! Need more information contact: 

Application: Application period

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  • at least 10 ECTS of apa (or apa-related) studies at home university
  • sufficient/good knowledge of English
  • the student's home university and Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences has to have a bilateral Erasmus+ agreement

Funding: Erasmus+ (Haaga-Helia UAS erasmus+ partner university students)

Tuition Fee for Free Mover Students: 4 750€ 

Additional costs:  Accommodation, meals, insurance and educational trips. 

Examples of the costs: student lunch at the university is 2,95€ (2023) and double room is about 300€/month. For the educational field trips (local and regional busses and trains ~100€) and the optional one week trip to Lapland ~500€.

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