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The ENCORE project enhances entrepreneurship by building capacity in higher educational institutions in Bhutan, Nepal and Laos.

The aims of the project are:

  1. To promote entrepreneurship education, the creation of an entrepreneurial mind set and disruptive business development at HEIs in Bhutan, Nepal and Laos to benefit from sustainable and professional business development on a national, regional and local level. 
  2. To enhance the university-business cooperation in the field of entrepreneurship to foster the concept  and the idea of business development, increase teaching quality and in the long-run to increase the  employability of graduates. 
  3. To foster innovation in the field of entrepreneurship by including established entrepreneurs in  student-business learning activities within an institutionalized physical environment. 
  4. Internationalization of higher education institutions and countries having limited access to  international cooperation in research and capacity building. 

Project manager at Haaga-Helia: Eva Holmberg
Duration: 1/2021-1/2024
Partners: Haaga-Helia, Joanneum, University of Alicante, Royal University of Bhutan (Gedu College), Royal Thimphu College, Tribhuvan University, Global College International, Souphanouvong University and National University of Laos
Funding: Erasmus+, capacity building

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