This semester will continue as a hybrid model

Haaga-Helia will continue with the COVID-19 policies set in the Autumn semester until the end of spring semester 2021. The campuses will be open and new students can begin their studies on campuses, and as a rule, other studies and guidance will be organised remotely at least until 31.7.2021.

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On January 22nd, Haaga-Helia's management group decided that the COVID-19 measures outlined in the autumn will be continued during the spring and summer semester. This means that studies will continue with the hybrid model at least until the end of this semester 2021 which ends on July 31, 2021. The hybrid model enables summer studies where applicable.

Students who belong to the risk group, are sick, or placed in quarantine should inform the course teacher. After informing the teacher, the teacher and the student can agree on alternative completion methods.

Haaga-Helia updates the instructions, when necessary, according to the guidelines and recommendations given by the authorities to guarantee the safety of students and staff and the continuity of our operations.

Common safety guidelines

The prerequisite for working safely on campuses is responsible cooperation and following the common guidelines. No one should enter campuses when feeling ill. Anyone with symptoms should get tested for coronavirus according to the instructions given by health authorities. If you suspect you have symptoms or may have been infected with coronavirus disease, fill in self-evaluation in

Wearing a protective facemask is required on Haaga-Helia campuses. If a person is not able to wear a facemask for health reasons, they should use a personal face shield.

Practice good hand hygiene and coughing etiquette. Maintain safe distances.
In addition to enhanced cleaning, disinfecting wipes are available for cleaning equipment in joint use.

The restriction set by authorities related to gatherings (max 10 persons) only applies to public events, not higher education teaching.  In Haaga-Helia, we follow the authorities’ guidelines and restrictions when organising public or private events.

Services on campus

Libraries, Study Services and IT Helpdesk are open with some limitations, some of the services are provided also online. When visiting libraries and Study Services, please maintain safe distances and practice good hand hygiene.

Travels abroad agreed on a case-by-case basis

International Services will contact students who are planning to go on exchange in Spring 2021. The situation depends for example on the current circumstances in the exchange destination. Haaga-Helia welcomes approximately 120 international exchange students in Spring 2021.

The travel of staff and students will be agreed on a case-by-case basis based on the possible risks. After oversea travel, the person is asked to stay out of campuses during 10 days (or optionally take two coronavirus tests according to the guidelines by Finnish institute for health and welfare, THL). The completion of studies must be agreed with the relevant teacher.

Students and staff members are asked to consider the risks related to private oversea travel. Travel abroad might require a 10-day quarantine set by the authorities (or taking two coronavirus test) during which the person cannot enter campuses. 

Room reservations

No external reservations will be made until 31.7. For the time being, reservations for meetings or events arranged by students are also on hold.