Haaga-Helia's teaching and counselling after the shutdown period (updated 13.4.)

Haaga-Helia's teaching and counselling after the shutdown period 17.4.21 - 31.5.2021 are carried out remotely.

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At the end of the shutdown period 16.4. our operations will continue in accordance with the following guidelines. Teaching, counselling and related activities such as exams are carried out remotely. For new students, the hybrid model will be carried out partly. Contact teaching can also be organized for non-1st year student in cases where it is justified for a compelling reason.

EXAM facilities are available to a limited extent. Re-examinations and the like will be carried out in the EXAM space if this is suitable for both the student and the teacher. Students cannot be obligated to use the public transport, so wider use of EXAM facilities is not yet possible.

Staff and teachers are still strongly recommended to work remotely whenever possible. On campus, everyone must wear a protective face mask, keep a safe distance to others and take care of good hand hygiene as instructed before.

As the situation is changing continuously, we ask our students and personnel to follow actively our communication channels (Intra, MyNet, Tuudo).