Peruvian guests explore Finnish vocational teacher education

The visit was a part of an introductory course on Finnish vocational teacher education and pedagogy.

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On the 4 October 2022, master's students from UPC university in Peru arrived at the Pasila campus to learn about the special features of Finnish vocational teacher education. The visit was part of a Spanish-language hybrid course tailored for the group titled "Introduction to Finnish pedagogy and vocational teacher education".

Before coming to Finland, the students had been studying online for four weeks, using Haaga-Helia's commercial learning platform: Haaga-Helia Online. The pedagogical implementation of the course was carried out by the Haaga-Helia Vocational Teacher Training Institute (AOKK).

– Our international and multilingual teaching staff enables tailored learning experiences for our customers around the world. UPC wanted an academically high-quality introductory course in Spanish, including a visit to Finland, and we were able to respond to this wish, says Maria Ruuskanen from the Haaga-Helia Education Export Unit.

UPC has been part of Haaga-Helia's partner network since 2020. Located in Lima, the capital of Peru, the university is one of the top universities in its country and is owned by Laureate International Universities.


Senior Lecturer Sini Bask and Peruvian master's students from UPC University. Photo: Tommi Lalu