Language Day – recording of the event

The European Day of Languages took place on the 26th of September, and it was celebrated with an event on the meaning of languages in the global world.

The audience
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Learning languages is a great way for everyone, and especially students heading towards the working-life, to expand their horizons and gain new experiences beyond those at home.

As a start to the day the students enjoyed warm drinks and freshly baked churros with chocolate dip for breakfast. The breakfast was the first taste of the international theme of the day.

Picture of the breakfast

The first speech of the day was held by Jan Feller, the CEO of the German-Finnish Chamber of Commerce, who spoke on the meaning of languages in working life especially from a business point of view.

The examples that he gave in his speech from the German-Finnish Chamber of Commerce's point of view highlighted the importance of the German language as a requirement and a way to properly get into the German market and succeed there. Many important negotiations in the German business sector are held in the company's native language.

Jan Feller

After Jan Feller's speech there was a Haaga-Helia alumni and business community's panel discussion on the role of languages in the workplace. The conversation around the topic was diverse and the panelists had a wide range of examples from their work experience that had challenged and improved their language skills.

The panelists

The event was closed with an interactive competition quiz, where the winners won prizes.

Here is the link to the recording of the event.