LAB8's Newest Trend Report Focuses on Circular Economy Trends

Haaga-Helia's Service Experience Laboratory LAB8's experts have compiled a trend report from the data collected by TrendHunter, one of the world's leading trend agencies, presenting the six current trends in the circular economy.

LAB8's trend report cover. Circular Economy. Hands holding a circular economy holographic symbol in the sunset.
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The Circular Economy Trend Report presents circular economy trends and innovations. The report delves into the latest solutions and business models in the circular economy that reduce waste, use of plastics and environmental burden. It relies on the six hottest trends of circular economy, reviewed by Haaga-Helia's Hospitality Research Panel.

The future of flying is more environmentally friendly, more and more retailers are solar-powered, and environmental burden is taken into account in the whole production chain of new buildings.

Numerous examples illustrate the trends: Samsung’s “Galaxy for the Planet” project aims to eliminate the use of disposable plastics in all of its product packaging in the near future, and beauty companies have launched refillable packaging.

Dubai Expo 2020 will also host exemplary innovations in the circular economy: Carlo Ratti Associati's pavilion does not have air conditioning, but is designed to cool down naturally. The roof of Grimshaw Studio’s Terra Pavilion is covered by a 135-meter-wide solar panel.

You can find out about these and many other interesting phenomena and innovations in the Circular Economy Trend Report: Download it here. In the future, you can follow the activities here. Upcoming reports will also appear there.

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