LAB8's brand new trend report presents the future of tourism

The COVID-19 pandemic has intensively affected the tourism industry, whose future is now full of new trends and phenomena. Haaga-Helia's Service Experience Laboratory LAB8's experts have compiled a trend report from the data collected by TrendHunter, one of the world's leading trend agencies, presenting the five hottest trends in the tourism industry.

Luggage and text: "The Future of Tourism".
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The Future of Tourism trend report presents how the pandemic has shaped the tourism industry and its future. The popularity of local tourism is on the rise, airlines are introducing apps with COVID-19 instructions, and young tourists are longing for Instagrammable experiences.

The report examines the five hottest trends in the tourism industry. The trends are evaluated by Haaga-Helia's Hospitality Development Panel in order to assess how well the trends apply in Finland. Numerous examples illustrate the trends: Hotel Trio in California has a wine transport robot called Rosé, announced its intention to be the world’s first hotel site to offer a night in space, and the Mandarin Oriental Geneva Hotel launched sleep clinic services.

You can find out about these and many other interesting phenomena and innovations in the Future of Tourism trend report: Download it here. In the future, you can follow the activities here. Upcoming reports will also appear there.

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